Stuttgart Airport goes green

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Another European Airport goes green. Stuttgart Airport has started using Neste MY Renewable Diesel as a solution to reduce its CO2 emissions and as part of the climate program of Baden-Württemberg’s state airport in Germany. By switching to premium-quality “drop-in” renewable diesel in its diesel-powered ground fleet, the airport is able to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

All the ground fleet vehicles which are not electrified, such as the trucks of the airport fire department and winter service equipment, will be using Neste MY Renewable Diesel.

“The state airport is the first transportation company in Baden-Württemberg that extensively fuels its vehicle fleet with renewable diesel. The climate-friendly fuel adds to the targeted support of e-mobility and alternative drives on the ground and in the air. This is another important step for climate and health protection”, said Winfried Hermann, Minister of Transport of Baden-Württemberg and Board Chairman of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH.

“We are very pleased to support Stuttgart Airport in its transformation towards climate-neutral airport by 2050. It is always a joy to see our fuel meet the high expectations with its convincing quality and performance”, stated Neste’s Kaisa Hietala, Executive Vice President, Renewable Products.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is supplied locally with the brand name C.A.R.E. Diesel® by Neste’s distribution partner Tool Fuel Service, a company specialized in the distribution of renewable fuel in Germany.

“Our goal of running the entire airport climate-neutrally by 2050 is a very ambitious task. The use of C.A.R.E. Diesel complements our previous efforts for climate protection and our apron staff benefits from it as well”, said Walter Schoefer, Management Director of Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a premium-quality fuel. It outperforms both conventional biodiesel and even conventional fossil diesel in terms of engine performance and environmental impact. The fuel’s performance is also excellent in cold weather.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is a “drop-in fuel” which can be used to replace conventional fossil diesel without any modifications to the existing diesel engines or investments in storage or logistical systems.



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