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Gwyneth Paltrow

The message of Karen Behnke Founder of Juice Beauty, a company based in California that offers healthy skincare solutions, is quite clear and it reflects exactly what the mission of any company active in favor of a sustainable world should be – “We believe that caring for your skin should not prevent caring for your health or for the planet”- if you switch the core business statement it fits perfectly with any venture.

The company is active in the market with skincare, hair care and make up products all made from organic formulations and without one single drop of petroleum derivative, and all rigorously certified.

Juice Beauty’s Makeup Creative Director is one of the most known Award winning actor Gwyneth Paltrow -already Founder of another bio company called Goop- who has decided to join forces with Karen Behnke to expand and enlarge the product portfolio by adding performance makeup and skincare formulations.


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“When we were introduced to Juice Beauty, we were amazed at the efficacy of their products, which contain certified organic ingredients and we are thrilled to be partnering with them in both make-up and skin care.” Says Gwyneth Paltrow.

Juice Beauty is the right example of a sustainable company, having all the needed ingredients for a success story, a lady that feels the need to start a company to produce personal care products without petroleum derivatives, an extraordinary team that brings to life formulations like the Patented GREEN APPLE PeelTM, a Creative Director who becomes the testimonial and not only to show the benefits of the products but also to open the eyes of the skeptic ones.

We all hope to see more companies like this in the near future, the World needs it.

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