Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation promotes eco-labelling schme for bioproducts

Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corporation and Sirim Berhad introduce the Eco-Labelling Certification Scheme. Developed by Sirim, ‘Sirim Eco 001:2016 Degradable & Compostable Plastic Packaging Materials’ and ‘Sirim Eco 009:2016 Biomass Based Products for Food-Contact Applications’ are eco-label criteria that enable products to be certified under Sirim Eco-Labeling scheme as environmentally-friendly and can further boost green consumerism as well as sustainable development in Malaysia.

Sirim is a premier industrial research and technology organisation in Malaysia, wholly-owned by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated. With over forty years of experience and expertise, Sirim is mandated as the machinery for research and technology development, and the national champion of quality. Sirim has always played a major role in the development of the country’s private sector.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Bioeconomy Corporation, Tuan Syed Agil Syed Hashim said that Bioeconomy Corporation intends to promote the Sirim Eco-Labelling scheme for bio-based plastics and packaging products, which offers greener alternatives as a replacement for conventional fossil-based products.

“Bioeconomy Corporation has been constantly promoting and nurturing companies involved in bio-based plastics and packaging products in the local market, including BioNexus and Bioeconomy Transformation Programme (BTP) companies. By getting their products certified under SIRIM Eco-Labelling scheme, these companies are providing safe, reliable and eco-friendly products to consumers, while contributing to the preservation and protection of the environment,” he said.

“We hope to see more growth of bio-based companies in this industry so they can boost their products’ acceptance and penetrate the globally emerging green markets. At the same time, the State Government and local authorities can refer to these eco-label criteria as the standard for the implementation of bioplastic and biodegradable initiatives,” he added.

President and Group Chief Executive of Sirim, Zainal Abidin Mohd Yusof said, “Besides benefiting the consumers and the environment, Sirim Eco-Labelling scheme will help bio-based companies to improve their company’s brand image as environmentally-friendly organisations. Under the Sirim Eco-Labelling scheme, a product will be independently tested and verified against specific eco-label criteria before the organization is allowed to use Sirim Eco-Labelling ark on its product, packaging and promotional materials.”

The Sirim Eco 001:2016 criteria is applied to all plastic sheets and films in the form of bags or packaging materials, while the Sirim Eco 009:2016 criteria is applicable to biodegradable and compostable biomass based products used for the purpose of food serving and packaging.


by Henry McWolf


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