Formula E: new opportunities for car makers

Formula E

The FIA Formula E championship better known as “Formula E” is the car racing powered exclusevely by electric engines.

Even though the first official Grand Prix took place only in 2014 in Beijing, the importance of it is increasing week after week and today it counts circuits all around the world from London to Moscow and back to Paris, as well as big teams are getting more and more involved, Jaguar, ABT (partner of AUDI), are already fighting for the title, and soon AUDI itself will be part of it.

But are this car makers jumping into Formula E only to challenge themselves and to be part of this new competition, or is there another reason behind this increasing interest?

Today in the real world the number of hybrid cars as well as electric cars is increasing rapidly, and over 1 million vehicle have already replaced regular fueled cars, inpiring the largest car makers to take a closer look into it. BMW has come out with an hybrid range of cars (i3, i8), TESLA has based their entire production on full electric engine cars, and a giant like AUDI is coming out with a full electric powered SUV in 2018 announcig that by 2025 one fourth of their model range will be complitely electric.

Soon Formula E will become the stage for car makers to show and prove what their technologies for electric engines can really do, in order to convince throug their victories on the circuits how reliable they can be in order to get larger market shares.

We can defenetly expect a big show in the next future in wich probably the Formula E will become the new Formula 1.

So fasten your seat belts and make sure you have recharged your car!


by Michael Burgundy

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