We are in the midst of the bioeconomy revolution. The BioJournal is finally here

by Mario Bonaccorso

Dear Readers.

Here we are. Today debuts The BioJournal, a new e-magazine dedicated to the bioworld, which has a very ambitious goal, as it should be for all of those who start a new adventure: tell and help to achieve that change which we consider unavoidable towards an economy, socially and environmentally sustainable, that is based on the use of renewable biological resources.

The BioJournal comes after the COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris in December 2015, which represented a real tipping point for the fight against climate change. And after the Global Bioeconomy Summit in Berlin in November, which brought together representatives of countries from around the world to reaffirm that economic growth in the third millennium can’t be separated from environmental sustainability. Our e-magazine wants to be a proposal for a permanent forum of meeting for all those who, as happened in Paris and Berlin, want an alternative development model.

We are in the midst of a revolution, that is, even more than economic, social and cultural. Today there are already tens of millions of people who have changed their way of life by imposing a new focus on health and environment; and there are hundreds of companies that have had the ability and the courage to innovate to remain competitive, proposing a new paradigm of industrial development, thanks to the excellence of universities and research centers that make new technologies. It is not enough, though, if we really want to achieve the goal of holding no more than two degrees Celsius the rise in global temperature by the end of this century.

You must have on board the world public opinion. And to make this possible, it is essential to shaping public opinion, starting from a correct information on a reality that is much more significant than it appears from traditional media. The bioworld is already in plastic bags that we find in supermarkets, in bioethanol that we find at the gas station, in cosmetics that we use daily and as a chemical intermediate in numerous other products.

The challenge ahead is exciting. We are certain that we will have at our side all of you readers, ready to animate the discussion and consider The BioJournal like your own e-magazine.


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