Denso Corporation is using bio-polycarbonate (PC) made from starch and urethane resin extracted from castor oil in some of its products. The Japanese multinational company headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture, has been conducting research and development on plant-derived plastic materials,

Global food and beverage giant PepsiCo, Inc. and biotechnology leader Danimer Scientific joined forces to develop sustainable bio-based packaging. The two companies signed an agreement that includes development of Danimer Scientifics’ biodegradable film resins to meet the sustainable flexible packaging

The bioplastics industry has a new big player. French oil giant Total and Dutch biochemical company Corbion joined forces to develop bioplastics by creating a 50/50 joint venture to produce and market polylactic (PLA) polymers. The two partners will start

Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc., a publicly traded company, operating through various subsidiaries and their affiliates, submitted an offer to purchase a 145+ acre ethanol plant previously owned by Ineos New Planet Bioenergy in Vero Beach, Florida. If successful the company led

Less fuel and lower CO2 emissions for the tire industry. Evonik, one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies, is expanding its silica/silane system, and with it the technology of modern tire production. Newly developed Polyvest® st has the potential

French industrial biotech company Global Bioenergies achieved the production of ETBE, ethyl-tert-butyl ether, purely from renewable resources. The breakthrough heralds a new opportunity for increasing the proportion of biofuels in gasoline. Current standards limit the inclusion of traditional biofuels because of their

What impact is the industrial biotech (IB) sector making in Scotland, the UK, Europe and beyond? This question was at the core of the discussions when industry, academia, public sector representatives and students gathered in Glasgow at the end of

Thailand is a forerunner in use of renewable energy. And now St1, a Finnish energy company, is launching with Ubon Bio Ethanol a pilot project of the production of bioethanol from cassava waste, with the aim of setting up a