Six out of every 10 school-age students act to save the environment in Singapore. Sponsored by StarHub, the School Green Awards is administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) and encourages young people to turn their passion for the environment

Greenbelt Resources Corporation, the Californian award-winning provider of sustainable energy production systems, has agreed to perform feedstock testing with Central Coast Wine Services (CCWS) to test various streams of wastes generated in the winemaking process. The wastes will be tested

Singapore Airlines has today committed to significantly enhancing sustainability practices in its in-flight food and beverage offerings. Under the new initiative, a “From Farm to Plane” concept will be introduced to promote environmental sustainability and support local farmers’ communities. Current efforts

Brussels is hosting the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy. Taking place on 9-11 October at SQUARE Brussels Meeting Centre, EFIB 2017 – organised by EuropaBio and Smithers Rapra – will take advantage of the opportunity to increase engagement

Global bioplastics market will be of worth US$ 43.867 billion in 2022, growing from US$ 17.015 billion in 2017, at a CAGR of 20.85% over the forecast period. This is the result of a research study conducted by Research and Markets

“We need to embrace clean technologies, not because they are eco-logical,” but because they are logical”. This is the vision of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, launched by the Solar Impulse Foundation, based on its founder Bertrand Piccard’s belief that

“Tetra Pak contributes to a circular economy by using renewable materials, sourcing materials responsibly and increasing recycling. At least 75% of our packages use renewable materials,starting from a strong starting point, with the  main material in all our packages being

There is a new study from leading international energy and climate consultancy Ecofys - A Navigant Company, entitled "Crude tall oil low ILUC risk assessment: comparing global supply and demand", which was commissioned by Finnish UPM Biofuels. The study looked