BDI BioEnergy International invests € 16 million in the construction of an industrial plant for production of algae biomass

Algae biomass

Austrian company BDI BioEnergy International, so far known for development and construction of biodiesel plants, has taken the first step into implementation of an in-house developed algae technology, together with 100% daughter company BDI BioLife Science GmbH.

The Styrian plant manufacturer has invested roughly € 16 million in the construction of an industrial plant for production of algae biomass. The ground-breaking ceremony for the highly automated plant will take place this year at the location Ökopark Hartberg/Steiermark.

After several years of research, BDI succeeded in bringing an innovative algae production system to industrial maturity. With engineering, construction and operation of an industrial algae production plant, BDI enters for the first time this international rapidly developing business sector as premium producer. As a first step, BDI BioLife Science GmbH will produce algae based additives for the food supplement and cosmetic industry.

Following its philosophy of innovative refining of reusable material, BDI succeeded in developing an algae cultivation system, which guarantees a site-independent and constant production of high-quality algae biomass. Based on BDI’s wide experience in plant construction, a future-orientated in-door breeding system was developed, which sets technological standards in algae production. Due to the fully closed system, any negative external influences can be eliminated and therefore enable quickest possible growth of the algae.

In the cosmetic and food supplement industry the application of natural ingredients becomes more and more important, the trend is moving towards biological non-hazardous alternatives. BDI BioLife Science concentrates on the production of natural Astaxanthin. This red colouring agent is recovered from special micro algae and is said to be the “diamond” of radical-scavengers and antioxidants.

The location for this production plant is Hartberg, in Styria, and was deliberately chosen by BDI. The close proximity to the in-house research centre and to local universities provides synergies for the further development of the algae product range of BDI BioLife Science.

“Constant production quantities, as well as highest purity and quality of the algae product are of utmost importance for our future clients – the content must match the label! With the rapidly increasing demand for algae products on the world market, this does not always seem to be the case. Therefore we want to position ourselves as reliable premium producer”, said Edgar Ahn, Member of the Board.

BDI BioEnergy International AG is market and technology leader in the construction of customized biodiesel plants using the Multi-Feedstock Technology the company has developed itself, which can manufacture biodiesel from different raw materials, such as vegetable oils, used cooking oils and animal fats. In the “From Waste to Value” field BDI supplies efficient plant concepts that are designed to produce biosas from industrial and municipal waste.



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